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There is no magic formula that guarantees success even if some key elements to consider before starting a new business. 1. it’s a long process. Starting a business was born as a dream and then becomes an idea. Is a process with different stages that must be planned and then work hard to build? Many […]

Market Intelligence is defined as market knowledge through ongoing management of information flow to determine the behavior of firms and market trends where they are present. Likewise we can define the Market Intelligence as knowledge of the behavior of the critical variables that define a target market. SMITHSON ROE & ASSOCIATES is a leading Chilean […]

Currently there are companies with offices in several countries as a way to achieve increased sales or simply seeking to impose a trademark. The presence of a company in a country opens up many business opportunities and offers great potential. The arrival to the country of the company generally does not involve great difficulties, but […]

In the market, companies are sure to find that having used the services of Google Ad Words campaigns, say that this system does not work for your company. But with questions pertaining to who was responsible that created the / s campaign / s, generally respond that they themselves did everything. While one of the selling […]

Writing on LinkedIn marketing strategies we will discuss the actions that a company should take to develop the marketing of your business on the popular social network called LinkedIn and business professionals. Next 12 marketing strategies to make the most: All this considering that LinkedIn marketing strategies, also known as marketing strategies and marketing strategies consist […]

Every company or person who wants to be perceived as a professional must have a business card. Without a card, is like saying you do not want your business can grow or do not want people to recognize that your business exists or will not spread your business is not proud. Being a reader of this article, […]