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First, for the next year, you may receive the Social TV. That is, there will be a fusion of social networking and TV shows. TV channels offer a social networking service where users can share comments, as they are rendered programs. When users see something they like, they can go right to the social networking […]

Effective tactics include three basic components to perform a conversion successful business attraction and retention. The objectives typically include attracting new customers, competitors and customers to convert existing customer retention. A mixture of the three usually gives a business an advantage over other companies offering similar products or services. Tactics start with an idea or marketing strategy, which […]

Now in this post we will discuss the Marketing Mix, referred to convert these consumers into customers, you can get a bit confused because we often think that by generating a sale to X person is already a customer. Let me tell you it is a mistake, a customer is someone who always comes back for more, or is waiting for the new that we bring to market to buy it. This is the same as in the multilevel, but in the MLM get that client other than member of […]