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Statistics show that the use of video online is increasing day by day. It’s the future diden experts. It’s impressive that your own video can be shared and seen by many people. The viral effect can be given with the most incredible video. Now we can begin to glimpse the possibilities it offers. The important […]

If you are not interested in the marketing of content does not start an Internet business. – There are many ways to communicate and do business online, but in all cases the contents are the presence of the merchant or business. When someone talks to me and presented with a business, i.e. business as a […]

The Internet Advantage Salamanca Company has signed an agreement with Editorial Planet to edit a guidebook on Internet marketing topics in which the company is a specialist with a broad portfolio of clients which include companies such as Bayer, Belfair. The book will be written by the founder, René de Jung, with over 14 years of industry experience, and he intends to make an introduction to the principles of Internet marketing in order to help anyone who wants to enter in this world but is especially designed for CEOs, marketing and sales for self and for webmasters, as it explains, […]