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The world of business and international management are constantly changing and society demands trained professionals to adapt to this changing environment. The degree in International Business and Marketing responds to this demand by providing adaptability and versatility in any area of ​​a company or institution to develop an activity in the international arena . The […]

Statistics show that the use of video online is increasing day by day. It’s the future diden experts. It’s impressive that your own video can be shared and seen by many people. The viral effect can be given with the most incredible video. Now we can begin to glimpse the possibilities it offers. The important […]

We get info from the Institute Superior Mariano Moreno telling us that inaugurated its School of Business, with the opening of two programs: Digital Marketing and Management in Entertainment Business. After three decades of presence in Cordoba, the Mariano Moreno Institute continues its productive and innovative power within the educational Cordoba, creating the School of […]