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Three Young People Receive an Award for New Business IdeasYoung villenenses Elena Estevan, Carlos Gomez and Toni Muñoz were the winners of the second contest of entrepreneurial ideas organized by the City and the BIC ( European Business and Innovation Centre ) . A contest that evaluates new business projects aimed at generating employment.

Over ten projects were submitted to a contest, as said Councilman Economic Development, Juan Carlos Perdrosa ‘ aims to showcase the innovative capacity of local entrepreneurs , business ideas by rewarding those who have a developmental pathway .

The winning design equipped with a laptop was ” I Growing » Elena Estevan . The idea is to market a mobile game where the user launches simultaneously agroecological garden both online and physical.

Carlos Gómez proposed the launch of a website aimed at investors looking for new writers to publish their works through small economic partnerships. The third prize went to Toni Muñoz to ” Beers Point ‘, a company that aims to promote craft beer through points between hoteliers, small producers and groups, providing product knowledge .

Degree In Business And Marketing InternationalThe world of business and international management are constantly changing and society demands trained professionals to adapt to this changing environment. The degree in International Business and Marketing responds to this demand by providing adaptability and versatility in any area of ​​a company or institution to develop an activity in the international arena .

The degree in International Business and Marketing is an official four-year college career preparing for the international management of the company and provides the knowledge, skills , abilities and behaviors that shape international business culture and marketing. This culture requires a multidisciplinary professional knowledge, leadership and business skills, economics and quantitative methods to humanistic and institutional knowledge , one of the key elements of international business and marketing , languages ​​. The degree in International Business and Marketing incorporates languages ​​to its curriculum in two ways : firstly , students can study a language for three years to choose between German, French , Japanese, Russian and Mandarin Chinese , and the another 30% of the subjects are taught in English , with its intrinsic conducting learning these subjects .

Another distinguishing element of these studies are mandatory practices in the third year of the race for a minimum period of three months.

With stays abroad and the presence of foreign students in CSEC , in bilateral agreements with other universities or under the Erasmus / Socrates program , cultural and knowledge for the formation of exchange students is promoted.

The courses, quarterly and in small groups , require full-time student . Teaching is of high quality, and gives special importance to the practical aspects . The faculty is made up of similar parts faculty of the School and the Departments of Economics and Business , Humanities , etc. . , Of the University as well as professionals of the international business world renowned .

How to Make Money Online with EnglishTeaching English language online is becoming increasingly popular . With MSN Messenger , Skype and other software tools webcam chat , you can help people anywhere in the world who are having a difficult time learning English Language . Another positive aspect of this business is that you can start from home with no money . A great advantage of this profession is that you can set your own availability or number of hours. The pay is not bad at all . However, it will depend on how much you charge and how much your customers are willing to pay. Hey! Did I just say the salary ? Well, is not the salary in the real sense of it, because it is not working for anyone. You are self-employed , your own boss. So if you are ready to make money on their ability to speak and write English , then below is a step by step guide to making money online by teaching English :

How to Make Money Teaching English Online.

1. Make sure you have a PC with webcam, headset or speaker in your home. Also, previous experience in teaching English would be an advantage . You must understand that one thing to speak and write English but entirely another takes skill to teach . If you are not good at teaching , then you can take a course of education or get someone who can.

2 . Once you have the above requirements, it is necessary to obtain a TEFL certification or any organization that authorizes the operation of online schools in your community.

3 . After obtaining your certification, you can then proceed to search for students enrolled in online schools . Just make sure you are studying English . Google is the easiest way for you to find online schools with a number of language students . You will be able to tell if a particular student is looking for an English tutor if he / she published in Language bulletin board section. Note that not all language students are giving compensation to their teachers online. Some REQUEST only free instruction.

Another creative approach is to look beyond the student market . You can target adults and professionals residing in non-English speaking countries who are willing to learn to communicate in the English language . Examples of countries where the demand for English teachers is high include China , Japan , Korea , Vietnam, etc. .

4 . Decide on your service fee. How much will you charge your customers and how you will collect? Will you charge hourly, daily , weekly, monthly per session ? Despite the payment, you should make sure you negotiate with your students before starting their classes online. To the extent possible, provide a competitive price for each full session .

5 . There are lots of possibilities for online English sessions . One is being hired to develop skills in speaking and writing English. Through the lesson plans and modules , this session can be beneficial for teachers, part time online in English. Therefore it is important to prepare your modules , notes and lesson describes before each session .

6. Try using videoconferencing in teaching their students online. This set-up is considered ” experimental ” to chat with students. Video conferencing allows you to interact directly with your student and requires the use of any online school mediation . An experience in videoconferencing , while teaching English online adds more credibility. Not to mention, a lot of money ! There are plenty of video conferencing software and web application like Skype, so you can choose the one that suits you.

7. Will you teach through live streaming or through pre -recorded sessions and broadcast through YouTube ? You should think about this critically because of the financial implications and reliability of network service. Will you teach as an independent tutor or working under a company / school? You must decide on this. Also, you must make provisions about getting your money, but keep in mind that your payment method must be adapted to its customers. You can get paid via PayPal , bank transfer, bank deposit , check, etc. .

In conclusion , teaching English classes online under a recognized company has a lot of benefits . Modules and lesson plans are already planned . Moreover, communication is facilitated by AV applications like Skype and it’s free! The application to a company is regarded by many as the best way how to make money teaching English online. The requirements are minimal and even those with incomplete academic background may apply , provided they passed the interview provider of services that are done online. Teaching English classes online is a job or business that ensures a long future .

New Online Marketing Course for Mini EntrepreneursOne issue that affects most new freelancers or people who opt for self-employment is a limited investment capacity . Also another challenge they have is to get noticed , which is why it might be interesting this new online marketing course.

This is a free microcurso two hours to be held in Madrid on the 28th . It will be offered the keys that Internet offers us to try to attract customers with minimal costs. This small seminar has a clear return on investment , since we are going to save time searching and we will put on the right track in terms of our ability.

The micro-entrepreneur , self-employed, freelance or as we like to call it has some common needs that differ somewhat from what you need a micro, SME. Investment capacity is limited, but also of time, which usually is not that they have many free hours a week .

However, the need to conduct online marketing activities to be disclosed is essential to get more customers and more revenue. Training in microcursos like this or through online courses as those found in any other online platform can be interesting to give the minimum basis on which to develop our strategy of guerrilla marketing .

Making Money With Any Online BusinessWhen it comes to making money online is not going to be many methods that can be used by simply going on the internet . Some of the tested you will be able to use in order to achieve their goal will be to promote affiliate programs , becoming a freelancer , join a business opportunity affordable and simply selling on Ebay methods. These are very powerful methods that can be used in order to make an income online. As you continue to read this article you will learn about how to make these methods work .

One of the basic things you can do when you start on the Internet is to promote affiliate programs because these programs are free to join . The way this works is , basically , the company pays you a percentage of sales that are able to generate and you do not have to put any money down to get involved with them. Their sole responsibility will be to promote the program to others.

Becoming a freelancer is one of the best ways to make a lot of profit through the Internet by sharing your time. Basically , you’re going to be able to put the time to do the things that people do not have the time to do it and you’re going to pay for it.

Joining an affordable business opportunity is one of the best ways to build an Internet business and build a long term income in the coming years . You’ll create a team of people around you who are going to want success as bad as you . This is a great way to start if you are looking to make money now and make an income in the long run .

If any of the methods just mentioned will not be good for you to do then have a final method for you to use . You can start making an online income by selling on eBay. This is a very popular site that people follow in order to buy stuff and you can just sell your stuff and start making profits online.

There are many people who long to make extra income apart from doing your job, but it is simply impossible without having to get a second job . Most people feel that it is impossible , but the truth is that there is no way for you to make extra income and use so you will not even have to leave your house. You can earn an additional income from the comfort of your home by taking advantage of the various opportunities that the Internet has to offer.

Just take some time to go through the Internet on a daily basis to be able to be exposed to the many opportunities it has to offer , and you can take advantage of in order to make extra income .

All you have to understand is that the whole process will take some time. So if you are willing to invest time daily to get more familiar with the Internet and also to collect information of the different opportunities that you are getting then this is the best way forward to make extra income . Note that over time all you’re going to have to do is spend some time daily to promote your internet business once you have found the right opportunity.

So , devoting time and hard work that will be very beneficial in the long term in obtaining a second income. The key will be to be patient and not rush into things because while running that is making mistakes , take your time , no rush because remember all you are doing is investing your time.

New Today Marketing OnlineOnline marketing has become an indispensable part of the marketing strategies of many entrepreneurs.

We pay particular attention to strategies that perform entrepreneurs launch their businesses on the market. Well , they devote much of their budgets to online marketing strategies . All in order to achieve the same results in the same time interval using conventional marketing strategies .

New technologies have made it easier for entrepreneurs. You can access your account by sophisticated marketing techniques for a very low price or even without having to pay any fee.

I can safely say that the stage that we are passing is characterized by the large capacity of the Internet to convince potential consumers. If you are in an establishment and not decide whether to buy the product or not , individuals often turn to a search engine to make your decision easier . Credibility is something very difficult to achieve and the web ever has. Now the purchase decision becomes a much simpler task.

Also note that the innovations that have accompanied the mobile phones in recent years have helped this situation occurs. We can access specialized forums or pages from any retail space.

A well-planned strategy takes into account all these factors and always intended that the web is full of positive information about the brand in question. At the time the data appearing negative begins the task of correction and improvement.

The 9 Social Networking Internet RarestAfter the undeniable success of Facebook , Twitter or Instagram, many entrepreneurs developed all platforms designed to bring together in one place to followers and fans of the most varied. We present the 10 most original and generated controversy and thousands of supporters.

They drew up a list of ten of the strangest social networking and fun that can be found on the internet . Apparently , about tastes nothing uncategorized :

1. Diapermates : translation would be something like ” honey gatherers .” While one could think ebncontrar here toernas babies photos using their protectors , nothing further . They are adults for whom this is their favorite garment . Here you can see pictures of people dressed in huge diapers and of course the goal is to comment on and assess them.

2 . Hatebook : is the hate facebook . This network is designed to allow users to ill of someone in this kind of Facebook for people with a lot of anger . Will have to wait a while to see what’s the worst that is said / shown on this site to understand how networks became the place where they are deposited , plus useless information , feelings .

3. My Free Implants : If anyone wants to add breasts to a size that makes you happy , but do not have enough money in this network can find a ” sponsor ” who wants to invest in it . What is not yet clear is what kind of benefit that grab the detached to decide to help in this crusade aesthetics to those who think only in a good pair of breasts . Read the rest of this entry »

Simple but Powerful Facebook Marketing StrategiesCompanies in these times can not afford to not have a presence on Facebook and that goes for home-based businesses . Here are some simple but essential tips for your Facebook marketing strategy .

Building a Facebook fan page .

The first step is to create a fan page for your business that users can “like ” or “Like” . Then decide on the type of page you want to create: for example, for a brand of product, service or general , and name . Check the box indicating that you have authority to represent the page and click “Create Official Page . “

Once you have created your page you can customize and configure according to your needs of your company or business. If your company’s logo ideally upload that image as profile photo, or a photo if you want to put a face to your business. ( Remember, people prefer to deal with people who recognize and trust ) . Then start to make people ” like ” the page and you’re on your way to building a fan base.

Getting customers .

To begin building your fan base is advisable to start inviting your friends to become the first followers and / or fans. This is because they are already familiazados with you and your business. Once invited your friends, now think about how to reach the millions of Facebook users. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Essential Tools To Make Money In Affiliate MarketingWhat does it take to become a successful super affiliate? What are the ingredients you need to succeed in affiliate marketing? Is there a shortcut to glory in Affiliate Marketing? All these questions play an important role within the minds of members looking to get good results.

Although affiliate marketing is touted as one of the easiest and most effective ways of making money online is not as easy as it sounds. The super affiliate plans every move and executes it the best way possible.

To achieve success in affiliate marketing, it is necessary to have certain tools to help you build your business. We have consulted several of the most successful affiliates, and these are the three essential tools required for a thriving business in affiliate marketing.

Having your own website.

An important and indispensable tool for affiliate marketing is your own website. The main step to any successful online business is to create a good, credible and professional looking website.

Your website is the point to where you should focus all your marketing efforts. Therefore, you must create a website that is easy to navigate and make it interesting for your potential customers click on links of the products and services promotion.

Therefore, you must first concentrate your efforts in building a site that can meet the needs of its visitors. The most important thing you should consider is that almost all Internet users surfing, go looking for information, not necessarily to buy something. Read the rest of this entry »

Working For Any Internet BusinessIt is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money, however you need some basic knowledge, now try to explain.

This technique works for any internet business, even for professionals who wish to promote your clinic or office.

Affiliate marketing is perhaps the easiest way to do remember as I have explained in other articles, this is there a vendor that creates products and there is a person who sells those products, called affiliate.

This is who promotes affiliate products in exchange for a percentage of the sale, it is usually 50% of the product cost.

This is because the provider does not have much time or money and also because he does not know how to promote their own products.

This is how that gives internet marketing, because that is where the affiliate appears that if you know how to market the product.

From the point of view of the internet business affiliate marketing has proved to be an excellent model over the years. It enables an individual to start making money online very quickly and easily, compared to other models.

Errors of internet marketing.

But a lot of people do not succeed or just get some relevant quantities, then I give to know the mistakes that these people commit.

  • Do not know how to put together a system for this to work properly and create own landing page, and other trace messages.
  • Have your system, but do not feed with qualified traffic, if you want more on the subject here’s my recommendation.
  • Do not disclosed as experts offer the product at the wrong time, nobody buys a stranger.

Conviertate an expert in internet marketing.

One way to generate a lot of dollars with affiliate marketing is to become an expert in a niche market and focus all your efforts on that niche by marketing especializandote products from the expert point of view, is a thousand times more effective than do it like a complete stranger.

The reason is very simple people trust you and feel that really, they’re helping. Of course that requires a lot of effort to position yourself as a leader or expert, but worth it.

Now if you already have some knowledge and you need some tools to promote affiliate products click here, and get access to beautiful capture pages or if you prefer to promote your products or affiliate you get what you need and conviértate a marketing expert internet.

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